About the project

The Jihlava Architecture Manual (JAM) is a professional project aiming to popularise, map, and promote the architecture and urban concept of Jihlava, particularly from the middle of the 19th century to the present. The idea of the JAM project is linked to partner architecture projects in Brno and other Czech cities (Hradec Králové, Zlín, Plzeň, Litomyšl, Jičín). From the spring of 2024, JAM will be based in the attic studio of the historic town house at Masarykovo Square 21 in Jihlava, where a research room with a library will be available to the public and accompanying programmes will be held for schools and the general public. JAM is implemented via Brána Jihlavy from funds provided by the 2014–2021 EEA programme and the statutory city of Jihlava. 



JAM is a freely available information platform with a publicly accessible internet database providing information about selected buildings and architectural complexes in Jihlava with maps, architectural descriptions, archive designs, and historical and contemporary photographs. The database offers several themed tours of the city and trips to surrounding areas. Profiles of selected individuals, mainly architects and builders, who focused their work in Jihlava, also form an integral part of the platform. The individual database entries detail the history and circumstances of the buildings and present the lives of the architects as well as the building owners. Selected buildings and an introduction to each trail are presented in audio recordings, which can be easily listened to directly on site. As an added bonus, the database offers individual topics and audio recordings containing interviews with architects and contemporary observers.


In parallel, JAM focuses on promotion in the form of cultural and educational programmes for the public, such as guided tours of the city, lectures, exhibitions, and programmes for schools and interest groups. The project is intended for those interested in architecture as well as travel agencies and associations that want to popularise and promote the architectural heritage of Jihlava. The first phase of the project includes printed booklets covering the individual trails and trips to surrounding areas and a general printed guidebook. You can follow JAM on Instagram and Facebook, as well as here!


JAM is just one of a complex set of activities involved in the renovation project for the house at Masarykovo Square 21 in Jihlava. The newly renovated house will provide a background for a number of cultural institutions – the state-funded institution Brána Jihlavy with the JAM studio, the Centre of Documentary Films (Centrum dokumentárního filmu), the Kuba & Pařízek Teahouse, and the Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor. A concert hall with 50 seats and two smaller historic painted halls will be available for social events and occasions. The basement will house an exhibition of findings from the Jihlava mint, which used to be located in the house. The renovation of the house is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024.